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Sustainability considerations cover how we design and manufacture products.
The wide range of solutions offered by the sintered stone slab suitable for wall cladding, flooring, exterior facades and decorative surfaces such as kitchen countertops, table tops, bathroom cabinet tops and coatings for doors and staircases.
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All panels are packed and carried by our professional workers. And make sure delivery to the customers' door no damages.


Following the instruction you will get your masterpiece of porcelain slabs.


6 Frequently Asked Questions About YIDU SLAB (Sintered Stone Slab). How long time you need for one container slabs produced?

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General Applications For YIDU Slab

Transforms your home furniture with beautiful, highly resistant surfaces.  The wide range of YIDU SLAB collections offers a variety of surfaces such as kitchen countertops, tabletops, bathrooms, cabinet facades, and coatings for doors and staircases.

Living Room





Cladding & Flooring

Committed to excellent Sintered Stone

Why Sintered Stone?

As a professional sintered stone manufacturer in China YIDU understands the value of sintered stone as the new trendy building material and will increase the customer’s market share. That is why we ensure all our product offerings meet international quality standards for production with our efforts translating to positive reception in different markets across the globe.


Natura-Vein Tech


Multiple Size

Easy Installation

Food-grade Surface

The Advanced Equipment

SACMI Continua Press from Italy

SYSTERM Inkjet from Italy 

Original Design in Italy

End match/Random Match

Exlusive: 33 degree soft polished series

Sintered stone
high quality large-size porcelain slabs

Yidu Large-size Porcelain Stoneware Born for Perform, Built to Last

Each large size porcelain stoneware slab we produce is specifically designed and exclusive technology to perform and to last long.  We place great value in quality manufacturing, as we have been doing for decade.
All products- large-format porcelain slabs have structural, aesthetic and functional characteristics that make them a unique option for furnishings, indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings

Quality raw materials

Versatile for any project


Resistant to liquids and acids

Resistant to thermal shock

Non-toxic slabs that do no

Hygienic surface

No alteration in colour

Resistant to heavy loads

Easy to clean

Resistant to scratches and abrasions

Resistant to frost

Unlimited Options for Your Specific Needs

To help make your large-size porcelain stoneware stand out in this competitive market, we offer an extensive range of customization options from matetial to packaging.
Back with over 10 years of experience in the industry, our team of experts specializes in bringing your dream cookware design into reality.







Uncompromising Quality Control

 Where Excellence Derives from

Yidu is driven to your brand by providing you and your market with exceptional porcelain stoneware with our team's keen eye for detail.

High-Grade Materials

Third party Rigorous Testing

Export Compliance

porcelain panel quality control

Made from the Best

Yidu slab uses only prime-quality raw materials for the porcelain stoneware used for the slabs.

Why Yidu Porcelain Stoneware is Your Premier Choice

Working with So-Well not only guarantees high-qualiy porcelain stoneare made to your specifications but also secures a reliable partener in your brand’s success.

5 Years of Experience

Our years of manufacturing experience and extensive knowledge in exportation rules offer a professional and real-time solution to your product needs.

5% Lower Factory Prices

the combination of a strong supply chain and in-house manufacturing process lowers the production costs from beginning to end by at least 5% compared to our peers

99% Customer Satisfaction

Listening to our client's needs customizing our products to match market demands allow us to satisfy our partners and their customers by as much as 99%

Frequently Asked Questions

SINTERED STONE, which means “sintered stone”. It is made of natural raw materials through a special process, pressed by a press of more than 10,000 tons (more than 15,000 tons), combined with advanced production technology, and passed through a high temperature of more than 1200°C. It is a new type of porcelain material with super large specifications that can withstand cutting , drilling , grinding and other processing processes.
Sintered stone is 100% natural based on 3 groups of
1). Quartz and feldspar which provide the product with hardness and strength
2). Minerals from glass and silica that provide chemical stability
3). Natural oxides that offer chromatic properties

Sintered Stone is not at all what is known as traditional ceramic or stoneware but rather evolved from these materials to the point that a new type of surface

Although traditional ceramic may have some common characteristics, it definitely doesn’t have all the characteristics of Sintered Stones such as its stain. chemical and heat resistance.

3 Major reasons cause the differences

First, the raw materials used to produce Sintered Stones are more refined and purer to ensure a more uniform product.

Moreover, the machinery used to process these raw materials features the most advanced equipment and latest technology. The raw materials are pressed at a significantly higher pressure to get denser materl

Then, the pressed material is baked for almost 2 hours which is much longer than for traditional ceramic which includes cycles of around 40 minutes. These longer cycles create Sintered Sintered stone with a stronger, non-absorbent surface.

900×1800X12 800x2600x6 1200×2400×6 1200×2800×6 1600×2800×6 1600×2800×12 1600×3200×6 1600x3200x12 Thickness of 3mm, 20mm slabs are also available. three to four burners, and for larger groups, Weber offers as many as six burners.
Porcelain slab

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