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We have been in building materials such as granite, marble, nano glass stone, quartz for more than 10 years. Yidu slab is our new-born baby. It is sintered stone / porcelain stoneware is obtained from natural raw materials, does not contain plastic and is easily and fully recyclable. Sophisticated Italian-made equipment and innovative processes ensure excellent colour consistency, vibrant hues and low maintenance. Stringent controls at each stage of the manufacturing process guarantee that each tile that leaves the factory complies with the highest international and ISO standards.


All YIDU slab solutions involve creativity, technological expertise, and a close dialogue with yourself, our users, and our system partners. The performance, service life, and ergonomics of our PORCELAIN STONEWARE  are guided by the demand to meet the high expectations of professional users.


To be the trusted source for architects, designers, and builders by identifying and supplying healthier alternatives to conventional building materials.


We promote transparency in our products and our business.
We help customers to reduce the cost and risk against our professional industry experience and optimized supply chain.
We respect and align with our valued partners which strengthen our business.
We also help customers to purchase products from reputable factories that operate and maintain good working ethical practices,ensuring staff well being in addition to considering and minimising the Environmental impact of their production.

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